Who we are

Our story

Francoise Dolto.

Francoise Dolto

La Maison buissonnière was founded on psychoanalytic discoveries made in the fields of early childhood and perinatal education. It is inspired by the conclusive experiences of La Maison verte, a parent-child meeting centre established in Paris, in 1979. La Maison verte was the brainchild of psychoanalyst Françoise Dolto, who founded the centre with a team of early childhood education professionals to receive children under 3 years of age, accompanied by one/both parents or by their grandparents. La Maison buissonnière belongs to a network of Maison verte infrastructures developed in French-speaking Europe and beyond.

La Maison buissonnière received its letters patent in 1987. After some wanderings, she moved in 1992 in Ahuntsic in premises lent by the city of Montreal.”

In 2002, a second Maison buissonière was opened at 5377-A Parc Avenue (in Montreal’s Mile-End neighbourhood), followed in 2011 by a third Maison buissonnière, at 2260 Logan Street, in Centre de pédiatrie sociale Centre-Sud (a paediatric centre in south-central Montreal). These centres now serve a new clientele in different milieu.

To this day, our team has stayed true to its founding principles of listening, discussing and playing.

The team

The facilitators at La Maison buissonnière are early childhood education professionals (psychologists, educators and therapists) who have chosen psychoanalysis as their theoretical frame of reference. All of our facilitators have their own clinical practices, where they work with children or families. Teams of three receive our visitors at La Maison buissonnière for a few hours on selected days.

Most of the facilitators on our teams are French speakers. However, conversations may take place in any of the languages spoken in Montreal (such as English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese) and are always welcome. At La Maison buissonnière, we also strive to ensure that our teams of facilitators represent a diversity of origins.

Board of Directors

  • Agnès Alonzo
  • Irène Krymko-Bleton
  • Simon Lapointe
  • Robert Lemay
  • Julie Macherez
  • Laurence Noël

Our staff facilitators

  • Anna Altamura
  • Caroline Baret
  • Philippe Bernard
  • Laurent Castonguay
  • Maÿliss Clara
  • Marie Grihon
  • Irène Krymko-Bleton
  • Sylvie Legoubé
  • Simon Lapointe
  • Cindy Louis
  • Fabienne Martin
  • Camille Michaud
  • Benjamin Mortagne
  • Éléa Roy
  • Fernando Silveira Rosa
  • Andrée Thauvette-Poupart
  • Galia Villarreal