Our goals


All visitors at La Maison buissonnière are entirely free to pursue goals that differ from those mentioned below

Goals for children

  •  Facilitating early childhood socialization, so that children can have fun making contacts outside of the family. Children gain exposure to the rules and limits of social interaction, with a parent or adult who stays on hand, so that they may be comforted, supported or encouraged from time to time.
  • Preparing children for separation from those they depend upon for their sense of identity, and thereby facilitating the transition from the comfort of family life to the social contexts of daycare or school.
  • Helping children become progressively more independent, at their own pace.
  • Preventing relationship difficulties during early childhood between children and their loved ones. Far too often, these difficulties are not discussed and may lead to lasting misunderstandings.
  • Opening up the possibility of encounters between children from a diversity of cultural backgrounds.
  • Providing children eager to express themselves with a diversity of people to talk to.

Goals for parents

  • Getting to know your child by observing him or her grow and change in the presence of other children and adults.
  • Being provided with support and accompanied in your role as a parent educator.
  • Having the possibility of reconnecting with your identity as an adult through enjoyable discussions with other adults who are going through similar experiences.
  • Being listened to by our team in a spirit of openness and acceptance about any challenges you may be facing or about family difficulties (large and small).
  • Giving you a chance to spend some quality time with your child.
  • Breaking through isolation by making it easy to meet and chat with other adults (fellow visitors and facilitators) while remaining present for your child.