What we do

How it works

  • Our on-duty teams of facilitators welcome all comers.
  • Children have their first names written on a blackboard to mark the fact that 
they are entering a place where they will be socializing with others.
  • Our welcoming facilitators are present in a professional capacity, and available to children and parents alike. They accompany the children during their arrivals and departures. They also ensure that some ground rules, based on La Maison buissonière’s founding theoretical principles are followed.
  • Parents/accompanying adults with any concerns or questions may consult with our facilitators. All adults accompanying children remain responsible for them at La Maison buissonnière. We encourage them to remain present and available, engaging with what the children are experiencing, but allowing them to explore the area and meet others their age.
  • There are no organized activities for the parents/accompanying adults and children. All activities or improvisation around spacial exploration/discovery, rules, games, available materials and encounters with others are allowed to occur freely. Children are provided with a space in which they can express their interests.
  • Physical demarcations within the meeting space at La Maison buissonnière designate different play areas. In this way, children can develop their internal sense of external limits and prohibited boundaries from a very young age.