At La Maison buissonière, when we observe, we are not evaluating the behaviour of parents/accompanying adults or of children. We simply remain attentive to the things children are showing us, how they interact and what signals they are sending us. Our goal is to try to understand what is happening for them in the moment and to respond to them. We invite parents to reflect with us on these points.

Françoise Dolto aimed to “have parents and children communicate, before any symptoms become apparent.”

La Maison buissonnière subscribes to this first-line preventative approach.

The present parent/accompanying adult is included in this dialogue with children, in an effort to avert or clarify misunderstandings between parents and children. La Maison buissonnière can play preventive role in helping detect signals for attention from children before those signals become entrenched symptoms of more a substantial problem. This said, our approach to listening to symptomatic children at La Maison buissonnière remains essentially the same. Indeed, although we are not a space for therapy, the attention we give these children in their attempts to communicate often has a therapeutic effect.